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We are happy to offer energy healing modality called Chinese Image Therapy to our clients in Ottawa area.

So what is Chinese Image Therapy? Chinese Image Therapy, or Chinese Image Medicine, is a medical/energy healing part of Zhong Yuan QiGong, an ancient Chinese Qi Gong school that is at least 7,000 years old. But don’t allow it’s age to fool you. As any modern medicine Image Therapy consists of both diagnostic and treatment procedures. The reason it got the name “Image Therapy” is because during diagnosis a practitioner gets an image of patient’s health. It’s like a whole body scan that shows areas where attention is needed.  For in-depth information please read this article – Chinese Image Therapy – what is it.

Image Therapy is characterized by precision in diagnosis and efficiency in the treatment of most diseases, does not require special equipment and medicines, and is a “natural” or “green” method.

Image Therapy is designed to find and treat the cause of the illness, not the symptoms. It looks at the human body as a complex system where all parts interact, exchange energy and depend on each other.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, any pain in human body is a result of a block in energy flow. If there are no energy blocks – there is no pain.

So give us a try and let us make you pain-free!