Big Tree exercise is practiced in most Qi Gong schools, not just Zhong Yuan (ZY) Qi Gong. In some systems it is called Bamboo Tree.
Sometimes it’s referenced to as a standing meditation.
It is believed to be the best exercise to increase body’s energy levels, and it does it the fastest way possible.
And with enough energy in the body – it can heal itself from any disease. Please note that in Traditional Chinese Medicine by definition any pain is considered a block in energy flow, if there are no energy blocks – there is no pain. So the pain levels may increase a bit during this exercise at first, but it’s healing pain and it will go away, so just hold through it.
There are a few important points about this exercise:
  • Put your feet shoulder-width apart and parallel to each other, knees slightly bent. Your knees should be above your toes, and your shoulders above your knees
  • Put your arms in front of your body like you are holding an energy ball, palms facing your navel
  • Your hands should not touch your body, like you are holding tennis balls under your armpits
  • Your tongue should be touching gums above your upper front teeth (important!)
  • Imagine that you are becoming a big tree, your body grows above the roof and above the clouds. Your head becomes a tree crown and accepts energy from the Sky and the Sun. This energy moves though your body and going out of your palms into your energy ball. At the same time your legs grow deep into the ground (even if you practicing on the 100th floor of your apartment), become roots and get energy from the Earth. That energy moves up and also goes through your palms into the energy ball
  • Last but not the least – very important – once you finished the exercise, imagine that you are shrinking your energy ball between your palms, make it as small as you can. Then move it inside your body through your navel, this moves energy from the ball into your body for later use. For ladies – during your periods, please put the ball into your heart area and not into your belly.
If you can do if for 10 to 25 minutes once a day for a week or 2 – you will notice some interesting phenomenons. You may feel like ants crawling up your legs, or pain in some old wounds or in tight muscles. It is nothing to be worried about, as it’s just energy that you are gaining is starting to open up some blocked channels and giving you different sensations. Try to resist the urge to move during the exercise, like scratch you leg or an arm. But if you feel you are about to fall down – make a step, no face plants please :), use your best judgement.  Also if you notice that your body started to move on it’s own – you know you don’t control it, it just moves by itself – don’t force to stop the movement, your body knows what’s best for it.
After some training it’s recommended to practice for 42 minutes straight, or even an hour or two.
The music that is recommended to turn on while doing this exercise is this one –
Here is a video introduction – please do the exercise along with me, it’s very important to not just read about it but give it a try, you will not regret it!