Did you know?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, any pain in human body is a result of a block in energy flow. If there are no energy blocks – there is no pain.

Spinal hernia can be caused by blocks in Bladder meridian. Once blocks are removed – hernia disappears.

There are 6 external pathogens in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Wind, cold, fire (or heat), dampness, dryness, summer heat.

Headache at the level of the top of your ears (like a ring pressing on your head) is often caused by problems with 2nd cervical (neck) vertebrae.

Liver functions include blood storage and filtration.

Nightmares, bad sleep can indicate issues with liver.

Low function of Stomach and Spleen will cause liquid stools and weakness in limbs.

Low back pain can indicate problems with kidneys.

Liver problems can cause convulsions, fainting.

There are 24 months in Chinese Moon Calendar.

Liver emotion is anger. Eyes connected to liver, so angry person will get red eyes as liver’s energy goes up.

Bladder meridian has acupuncture points called Shu points that are connected to all internal organs.

Knee issues are often caused by problems with kidneys.

Birth control pills can cause breast cancer.

Often bathroom visits at nights indicate a communication problem between Kidneys and Bladder.

3 organs that regenerate the fastest are skin, stomach, and liver.

When we are tired – it is better to sleep instead of eating to restore our energy levels, as digesting process also consumes energy.

The 5 elements in Circle of Transformation (Wu Xing circle) are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.