So I had a client yesterday. Her main complain was that she was having urine bladder infections quite often, and she already went through a few rounds of antibiotics. But infections were just coming back. She also mentioned that she had that nagging “pressure” pain at the bottom of left rib cage for last year or so, but she got used to it so she would hardly notice it anymore, although pain was always there.

So what do we need to treat here? We need to treat bladder infection first, right? You’ll answer, “yes, of course, no doubts here!” And I’m sure if you describe this situation to your family doctor and ask him/her what needs to be done – the answer would be another round of antibiotics to treat the infection.

And guess what? You’ll be back to see your doctor again and again, you’ll hear that this was a case where bacteria developed resistance to that particular antibiotic and now you need a stronger one, and then another even stronger…

So what would Image Therapy practitioner would suggest to do here? Nope, not to treat the bladder infection (unless it’s getting really bad).  We need to find a cause of the problem, and treat the cause, not the symptoms. So practitioner would notice that pain at the left side of the body is related to Spleen. And if we look at Wu Xing Circle on the right – what do we see? (by the way, if you didn’t read that article yet – I highly advise you to do so.) From Wu Xing Circle we see that Spleen (Earth) controls (gray arrow) Kidneys (Water). As Kidneys and Bladder are part of the same system, when there is a problem with a Spleen – Kidneys and Bladder are not getting enough energy, they cannot function normally, and that is what causing bladder infections. Once function of Spleen is restored – Kidneys will start getting the energy they need to function properly and bladder infection will clear up on it’s own. Now in cases of severe bladder infections I do suggest my clients to take antibiotics, I just inform them about Dangers Of Antibiotics, and the fact that they will later have to address that as well.

For this client, I focused on getting her Spleen to start working correctly, and it turned out that the problem was not really with the Spleen, but with Spleen’s connection to Lungs (Spleen send it’s energy to Lungs, see the picture on the right, black arrow). If connection is broken, the energy of the Spleen is getting “stuck” and not moving to Lungs, hence the sense of pressure in the Spleen. Once I restored that connection, my patient felt immediate relief, the pressure in the Spleen came way down from what it was for last months. I also worked on making sure that Lungs and Kidneys work properly, and that Kidneys are getting energy from Lungs. With all connections restored and organs working correctly, the bladder infection will clear up as well.

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