Below are 5 videos that are designed to improve function of main 5 systems in the body: Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys, and Liver.

You can work on the system that you feel is the weakest, but please remember that even if Kidneys are experiencing some problems – they may be just not getting enough energy, so you have to look at the Wu Xing Circle and work on previous 2 systems as well. So in case of bad function of Kidneys, which can manifest as often bladder infections  – for best results you would need to work on Spleen and then Lungs and only then on Kidneys themselves. If the is a pair of organs like Lungs or Kidneys – it’s highly advisable to work on left and right Lung separately, and the same true for Kidneys as well.

If you have an hour or so – and don’t feel any problems with any particular system – feel free to work for 10 minutes on each organ, and then go to the next video and work on next organ.

If you are not sure what is your weakest organ – please come see me and I’ll do a diagnostic and initial healing session for you, and then you can work on your weakest organ on you own schedule. If you are too far from Ottawa – I can also do a distant diagnostic and healing as well.

How to use these videos

Let’s say that you need to improve the function of your Liver. In this case you need to put your hands on the area of your Liver (bottom right side of your rib cage). Ladies should put their right palm first, and left palm on top of the right. For guys it’s the opposite – please put your left palm on the Liver area, and then right palm on top. Then imagine your Liver in deep green color (like oak leaves in the middle of the summer). Then you need to imagine your Liver getting a little bigger, and then smaller, bigger and smaller. The video will help you with that. Please note that for ease of use the person’s image in the video is a mirror image, like you see yourself in a mirror.

Make sure you have sound on, as music is essential for the healing process and each video has it’s own music that was specifically designed for particular organ.


Heart self-healing

Spleen self-healing

Lungs self-healing – for best results work on one lung first, and then restart the video and work on another

Kidneys self-healing – for best results work on one kidney first, and then restart the video and work on another

Liver self-healing