I’d like to start with a little preamble. I need to mention, that Western Medicine was introduced in China a while ago, and growing in popularity as it is heavily advertised. As a result, in most Chinese cities there are some hospitals that practice only Western Medicine, others practice only Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and then others that practice both medicines.

While studying in China, I was told the following stories of two cancer patients.

About 10 years ago our Teacher had an advisor who was a professor of TCM, so he knew TCM in and out. A while ago he was diagnosed with cancer, I believe it was stomach cancer, but that’s beside the point. That professor got so scared, and with all the heavy advertising of Western Medicine, he decided to not go with TCM treatment but instead go with what Western Medicine has to offer. So he went with chemotherapy. Unfortunately he could not handle the pain that chemo was causing him, and committed suicide.

The other man, who is a friend of our Teacher, was also diagnosed with cancer. He also decided to go with Western Medicine’s treatment, and he actually went through four rounds of chemotherapy. While not getting the results he was expecting, he decided to switch to TMC and Image Therapy. He went through the course of new treatment, and now is cancer-free for 5 years.

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