I’m sure you’ve seen cases like this, or maybe even went through this yourself. You see a beautiful young lady, she is getting married, and gets pregnant. Most ladies gain weight during pregnancy,  they need to eat for 2 people, so nothing wrong with that. Also body needs to make sure that even if there is a shortage of food at one point in time – mom’s body has some extras stored so a baby gets enough nutrients for normal development. And what happens after baby is born? Some moms loose all the extra weight they gained during pregnancy, while others have troubles loosing all or even any of the extra weight gained. Even rigorous trips to gym or ice rink for some pickup hockey don’t help. And why is that? Why are some “lucky” while others aren’t? Most answers will be it’s your genetics and you just have to live with it, or you just aren’t working hard enough at that gym (but you know you do)…

So what is Image Therapy view on this? I thought you’d never ask 🙂 Let’s first think of what is happening with a lady once she gets pregnant. In a lot of cases, especially if this is a first pregnancy and her parents are far away and not easily available to chat, a lady would start to worry. Is she eating right? Is the baby getting enough nutrients? What if she will be a bad mother once the baby is born? Should she breast-feed or put her baby on formula? Should the family start saving for college right away? And the million other questions go through her mind. Now if her parents are nearby, and willing to help when the baby gets here, young mom feels more confident and does not worry that much. But what if young family just moved to a new city far away from all the relatives for her husband’s job? What if husband cannot offer much help when baby is born as he has to work long hours to prove himself on that new job? All the care for a newborn will be on mom’s shoulders, and this just adds to the worries she is already having.

Now in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Image Therapy they say that worry is affecting Spleen function the most. Excess worrying will cause blocks in the energy channels of Spleen, and hence Spleen function will be affected. And what does Spleen do? Among other things Spleen is responsible for fluid retention in the body. So if Spleen is not functioning well, body cannot get rid of extra fluids and hence the weight gain. And after giving birth, young mom may be worrying even more, so Spleen never gets a break and Spleen’s function may go down even more, hence more weight gain. And even if young mom stops worrying after child is born (maybe family wins a lottery or job moves them back to home town), Spleen function is already affected and weight loss will be a problem, even if mom eats very lightly and goes to gym a few times per week.

So how to fight that extra weight? Well, we need to restore normal function of the Spleen, and once that is taken care of – Spleen will take care of that extra weight and young mom can enjoy weight pretty close to the one before the pregnancy.

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