Random thoughts…

We all live on this very beautiful planet, and we affect each other in more ways that we can think of. So would our lives be any different if we started to treat everybody, no matter how “good” or “bad” we think they are, as if they were our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, sons and daughters – ALL AT THE SAME TIME. If you would do something to your sister or brother but would never do this to your mom or grandma – don’t do it to your sister or brother neither. Period.  And once we switch to this way of thinking – we will be able to give unconditional love to everybody. Even if a person may took a misstep or lost their way for a moment, but he or she is still a person we love and they deserve our forgiveness and unconditional love. As you probably heard – hating another person is like drinking a poison and hoping for that person to die. The other person will never die; your hate will only kill you. On the other hand – if you only spread love, that’s what you’ll get in return as well.

So what if you did wrong to the other person? Even if that person will never be able to find out what you did? Your action would bring bad karma on you, no matter if other person is aware of your doings or not. And the only correct way to deal with this situation is to get all your courage together and apologize to that person. Yes, this will bring some (and sometimes a lot) pain to you. But pain and suffering is what actually releases karma, so the sooner you apologize – the better off you’ll be.

I’m sure everybody heard a saying – “What happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas”. I really don’t like this saying as it may give somebody an excuse for doing something wrong, and not expecting to pay for it. Let’s take a hypothetical scenario where a husband goes on a business trip to Vegas, gets drunk one night, and one thing leads to another. Now he may realize in the morning that this would have never happened if he wasn’t that drunk, but it did happen. He may also think that since his wife stayed home with kids thousands of kilometers away – she will never find out, so he may be off the hook. And when he comes back home – the life seems to be the same, nothing has changed, and he relaxes even more. But then he starts to notice that his wife is not treating him as well as she used to. That would happen because on some subconscious level she may feel her husband’s bad karma, and would try to distant herself from him. The husband would start thinking if somehow his wife has figured out about that Vegas thing. This thinking along with guilt will soon bring health problems to him, starting with digestion. And the longer it goes on – the worse the situation will get. Since their kids are parts of both husband and wife – they may also start having troubles in school or with their health. Kids are given to us not to just get taught, but also to teach us a few lessons as well, and they will gladly do their part.

So what is the only correct way to do in this situation? A husband would have to collect all his courage and have a chat with his wife. Of course it is not going to be a pleasant experience for neither party, and he may get screamed at and have to spend a few days or weeks or months sleeping on the couch in the living room. But if there was a spark of love that brought them together in first place – that spark will not let anything bad happen to their family, and they will only grow closer together in the end, getting back their good health and seeing all the problems their kids had disappearing in the process. When coming from unconditional love – a wife may realize that it took a lot of courage for her husband to come clean, and would look at her husband as a stronger person than he thought him to be.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new!